Czasopisma OA dla Wydziału Nawigacyjnego

Acta Energetica
Annual of Navigation
Archives of Transport
Archives of Transport System Telematics
Arctic Yearbook
Artificial Satellites, Journal of Planetary Geodesy
Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences  (od 2018 r.),   Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences  (od 2002 do 2017 r.)
Autobusy. Technika, Eksploatacja, Systemy Transportowe
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
Data & Policy
Environmental Research Letters
Forum of Mathematics, Pi
Forum of Mathematics, Sigma
Glasgow Mathematical Journal
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
International Journal of Navigation and Observation
The Journal of Engineering
Journal of KONBiN
Journal of KONES
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
Journal of Navigation   - niektóre artykuły w OA
Journal of Polish Safety and Reliability Association, Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars
Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society
Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Miscellanea Geographica
Oceanologia   (od 2011 do 2016 r.)
Open Astronomy
Open Geosciences
Polish Cartographical Review
Polish Maritime Research  lub   Polish Maritime Research
Polish Polar Research
Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Transport
Problemy Kolejnictwa
Problemy Transportu i Logistyki
Przegląd Komunikacyjny
Russian Arctic = Poccийская Арктика
Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport
Smart Cities
Studia i Materiały Instytutu Transportu i Handlu Morskiego
TransNav - The International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
Transport Problems
Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Marynarki Wojennej = Scientific Journal of Polish Naval Academy
Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Morskiej w Szczecinie = Scientific Journals of the Maritime University of Szczecin
Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Morskiego w Gdyni = Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University